Modern Times Movie Analysis

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In my essay, I will be talking about Sir Chaplin Spencer popularly known as Chaplin, in this essay I will be talking about his works his approach to cinematography, his relation to film aesthetics, his relation to auteur theory, his relations to film language and many more.
Chaplin’s works
Chaplin has written, featured, produced movies such as the Gold rush, Woman of Paris, Modern times, The kids and many more at a very tender age but I will like to talk about one of his most important work/movie which is Modern Times, this movie was produced in the year 1936, the movie was a complete comedy movie and the main character was Chaplin himself, this movie was about Chaplin who struggles to make ends meet, the movie talks about how desperate people
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Chaplin can be categorized as an auteur in this movie because he supervises all the audio and the visual elements in this movie. İn this movie, Chaplin did not make use of dialogue in this movie because he want the image to be understood by the audience, he wants the audience to understand the movie based on the body reactions of the actors. Chaplin uses slapsticks in this movie that is he uses humors. Let’s take a critical analysis of this movie Modern Times, the main location of this movie was a factory and unlike the normal factory, this factory is bigger and even the machineries in the factory is times two of a normal factory machinery, this implies that this factory is for the higher class of the society or the working class in the society, what am trying to say is that the location of this movie stands for the class its…show more content…
His being funny was for him to win the favor of his audience, Chaplin always refer himself as an artist that is making art, he also make his music in an aspect of art. The type of film he usesd in Modern Times are elegant, soulful and simple. He also made use of visual tricks which he use to establish a break with the real life experience and try to create something new in this movie. Though there are so many assumptions that films cannot be a form of art but Chaplin was an exemption because he make use of art in this
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