Chapter 1 Summary In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Mrs. Dubose lived alone. Jem and Scout were scared of her and hated her. Atticus would get furious about what Mrs. Dubose said to him. Jem turned twelve during this chapter. Jem bought a steam engine and Scout got a baton. Jem and Scout were walking by Mrs. Dubose house on a Saturday and she asked what they were doing out in town. Jem took Scout’s baton and snapped it with his knee. Atticus tells Jem to go have a talk with Mrs. Dubose. Atticus explains why he goes to court and fights for negros. They had sessions set up to where the kids visit Mrs. Dubose. Atticus tells the kids that Mrs. Dubose had died. Mrs. Dubose gives Jem a Camellia. That is her way of telling you that everything is alright.
It is summer time now. Scout is upset because Dill does not come because his mother got married again. Atticus also has to leave to go to the state legislature for two weeks. Scout and Jem go with Calpurnia to her church. It is an all black church. Even though it’s an all black church, the congregation welcomes them. Reverend Sykes walks them to the front pew. Lula is mad at Calpurnia for bringing them to a black church. While in church, they pay money to help support Tom Robinson’s wife, Helen. Scout realizes at the church that Atticus is defending Tom. Scout then
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Raymond is telling Dill how people don’t like the way he lives. After they get done talking Dill goes back to the courthouse. He walks in and Atticus was giving his speech. The Atticus took off his jewelry and loosened his clothes so where he could take his shirt off. Mayella was reminded by Tom that she tempted a black man by kissing him. Atticus made a long speech about how everyone is the courtroom has told a lie and has done something immoral. Then she says “black or white”. She goes on saying that men are not created equal, then she says there is one way that all men are created equal. “in our courts all men are created equal” say Atticus. He also said in the name of god, believe

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