Chapter 11 Betrayal Quotes

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In chapter 22 there are several betrayals that occur. Some of these betrayals happened over time, but others occurred all of a sudden or happened even earlier. Some of Matt's closets friends and people who he thought loved him betrayed him. El Patron wished to take away Matt's heart for himself. Emilia betrayed Maria by not telling her about their mother. Maria also betrayed everyone for loving Matt. Tam Lin even betrayed El Patron by helping him escape.
Maria was betrayed by her sister because Emilia didn't tell her about their mother. In the book it states, "So? I've known that for years." This says that even though Emilia knew about their mother, she still betrayed her sister by not telling her the truth. Emilia also says, "What difference does it make? She didn’t care about us. She thought taking care of losers was more important." This shows that Emilia doesn't care about their mother nor does she care to tell her sister showing that she would rather take the easy way out then be
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El Patron had a close relationship with Tam Lin and trusted him a lot. Tam Lin helped Matt escape by telling him about El Patron and also telling Maria about the escape route. Maria says, "At least that's what Tam Lin says. He hasn't tried it." This shows that Tam Lin helped Matt by telling Maria a way to help Matt escape. Tam Lin was El Patron's closest body guards so he trusted him but when Tam Lin helped Matt he betrayed him.
Maria not only was betrayed, but also betrayed someone else. Maria betrayed society by loving Matt. In the book Maria says, "I love you too. I know it's a sin and I'll probably go to hell for it." This shows that Maria loves Matt, who is an animal/livestock to the public and isn't allowed by society, but she loves him so much she is willing to go to hell just for Matt. This may not be considered as bad a betrayal as others, but it is still a betrayal to her father and
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