Chapter 12: Exploring Sexuality

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The chapter that I feel I learned the most from was Chapter 12: Gender and Sexuality. At this stage of my student career I found the topic of “Exploring Sexuality” very interesting because it listed out terms for the conceptions people have about sexuality and genders. My parents and their community believe in very specific gender roles and sexual scripts. I had never heard of the term ‘sexual script’ until now, but it is defined as “Stereotyped patterns of expectancies for how people should sexually behave” (chapter 12). I have grown up in a family that believes in a traditional religious script. This means “Sex is accepted only within marriage. Extramarital sex is taboo, especially for women. Sex means reproduction and sometimes affection”…show more content…
I have realized my family’s social group has the wrong idea of sexuality. I know their view is sexist and is unfair to women, it hurts women emotionally, and it limits women; but I had never really thought about the one fact that our textbook states so clearly: “gender roles constrict boys more often than girls” (chapter 12). I know about the wage gap and the feminist movement and the search equality; but I had never thought about the unfair restrictions and expectation that come with being born male. Men are expected to be the strong provider because they are male. They are expected to protect their loved ones physically and financially. That is a lot of pressure. That is probably part of why men have higher levels of stress hormones than women (chapter 12). I think this is important for me to know because I do want to be a sports dietitian, partially with a football team. The pressure men feel to be strong and independent is something I need to think about. I only started really think about that part of the gender gap after reading chapter 12, but it is definitely something I am going to continue to think about. I have had my male friends vaguely mention how they feel pressured to hide their emotions or be in control at all times, but I had never thought about it the way I do now. This chapter led to some interesting discussions with my male friends and I am glad I brought it up. It is more of a problem than I

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