Chapter 16th Reconstruction

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In chapter 16th “Reconstruction,” the author gives a comprehensible perspective of the historical era that made a major difference in America today. Many northerners populated the main question of how to restructure the nation as one which led to numerous complicated questions as to how, what, whom and under what circumstances would America readmit the union. In the chapter, the author introduces a variety of changes such as presidential, congressional reconstruction and most importantly the old south. Along with discontinued slavery and established constitutional amendments. Rebuilding the south economically and politically was just as difficult as on the battlefield, extremely long and very complex. Republicans wanted to make sure the confederacy was going to stay faithful to keep their word to not to attempt depart again Federal Reconstruction had successfully freed the slaves by passing the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment, following many other great achievements throughout reconstruction. Reconstruction originally began during the civil war in 1863 attempted implement by President Lincoln. It was new journey to rejoining the former confederacy back into the union under slight punishment along with their word of trust. Many white southerner’s were still …show more content…

African American’s viewed this time as the beginning of their freely journey. The whites’ southerners continue to redeem the power to the confederacy states. Throughout the years of the struggle between the two, the nation was finally one. I firmly believe reconstruction brought the nation together again; it closed complicated chapters and opened up fresh beginnings in many other forms. This era made many spontaneous modifications for different major subjects. African Americans received the final basic rights of life, freedom and peace it was everything and more to

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