Chapter 34 Pride And Prejudice Essay

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The most important scene in “Pride and Prejudice” is in chapter 34, where Mr. Darcy makes his first proposal to Elizabeth. While serving as the turning point of the novel, this chapter conveys the crash between Elizabeth’s prejudice and Mr. Darcy’s pride, and portrays the traditions of marriage in England during that era. In chapter 34, Mr. Darcy could not help but expressing his love towards Elizabeth. In chapter 6, he looked at her only to criticize, but later when he got rejected dancing with her, he saw that she has a pair of fine eyes in the face of pretty woman can bestow. Up until chapter 34, Elizabeth had only heard bad rumors about Mr. Darcy, such as him interfering with the relationship of her sister, Jane. Nonetheless, Mr. Darcy’s feelings toward Elizabeth increased to the point that it will not be repressed, thus proposing her. Although she rejected him rather harshly, she knew not how to support herself, and contemplated about how she should receive an offer of marriage from Mr. Darcy. This scene is important in that it alters Elizabeth’s opinion towards Mr. Darcy, and turns the story around in a way that this company…show more content…
As the title suggests, pride and prejudice collide in this scene. Even during the proposal, Mr. Darcy kept mentioning Elizabeth’s social rank and family status, which she only saw as his pride to tell her that he liked her against will, reason, and even against character. Consequently, Elizabeth became enraged, and angrily rejects him that he impressed her with his arrogance, conceit, and selfish disdain from the very beginning, from the first moment. This chapter is critical because two protagonists with pride and prejudice are directly confronted by one another, for the first time in the novel, which in a sense is violent yet an honest and truthful moment to further establish the relationship between
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