Chapter 5 Of John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Write a summary of the novel. In the novella, “Of mice and men”, beside the bank of the Salinas river, George, who was small and quick with his companion Lennie, who was a forgetful huge man were having a rest because they couldn’t go to the new ranch on time after scramming Weed. At about ten o’clock in the morning, they came to the ranch and met Candy who had the old stink dog. Candy introduced them the guys in this ranch and had some gossips about Curley’s wife. Then they met the boss who got his eye on them. Later, they met Curley, who hated the big guys, he was finding his wife. After meeting Curley, they faced Curley’s wife and Lennie is attracted by her beauty. Carlson who had a Luger killed Candy’s old dog when the guys were playing …show more content…

Lenny was the only person in the barn with his dead puppy. Curley 's wife came very quietly, so that Lennie didn 't see her. She tried to talk with Lennie and tell Lennie about her story how she came there. But Lennie was not supposed to talk to her. After that, Lennie 's big fingers fell to stroking her hair after she took his hand and put it on her head. And then she cried angrily. Lennie was in a panic and continued until she died. After killing Curley’s wife, Lennie left from the ranch. Later, Candy came and found Curley 's wife died. Then he talked to George and they 're going to tell the guys. Then Candy talked to the guys including Slim, Carlson and young Whit and Curley. They found Curley 's wife died in the gloom. Curley knew Lennie killed her and wanted to shoot him. Then Carlson said he couldn 't find his Luger. Even though they didn 't have gun, they moved away to find Lennie. The sound of the men grew fainter and the barn was …show more content…

Slim allow Lennie to play with his pups. Slim and George talked together, Slim said he never saw a worker like Lennie because Lennie is not smart. But Lennie is strong and George is proud of him. Slim seemed to be surprised when he looked Lennie and George went from this ranch to another ranch together. The guys on the ranch never did like them before. Slim said Lennie seemed funny, but George didn 't think so. Then George told Slim about Lennie 's aunt and how they met together and became companion. George continued say why Lennie was not funny. George used to have a joke played on Lennie who couldn 't know anything and just do what George said. After that George realized Lennie didn 't matter funny because Lennie was a new guy. Continuing the conservation, George said Lennie wasn 't mean but he got many troubles, specially in Weed. Lennie wanted to touch the girl 's dress. Then she shouted, Lennie got involved in. Lennie was very scared and they left this ranch at this night. Lennie came into the room and hidden something. It 's Slim 's pup and George detected, George asked Lennie take him back to the nest. Carlson came in and complain with the Candy dog 's stink. Carlson suggested Candy to shoot the dog, it was also good for Candy and the dog. Candy looked very difficult, after that he decided for Carlson to shoot the dog. Then a young laboring man, Whit came in, he talks to Slim

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