Chapter Analysis Of Can T Stop By Jeff Chang

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Jeff Chang, the author of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop decided to place this chapter in his book because he wanted his readers to know the story of DJ Kool Herc as the one who got hip-hop started and tell them how he did it. Kool Herc was essentially the father to hip-hop as he was the one who introduced the roots to this new type of music that was never heard before. Jeff Chang introduces the early life of DJ Kool Herc in the beginning of the chapter. He was born Clive Campbell and moved from Jamaica to the Bronx when he was 12 with his family. He got his musical influence by his dad who was a soundman for a local rhythm and blues band, and by his mom who brought him to house parties as a kid in the Bronx. Clive became a DJ soon after, where he got
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