Chapter Eight Linda Sue Park Analysis

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In “Chapter Eight”, the author, Linda Sue Park, begins writing about the royal emissary’s last day in Ch’ulp’o. Before Emissary Kim leaves, the news that Kang received a commission spreads across the village. When Tree-ear hears the news, he is saddened that his master potter, Min, did not get the commission. Later on, Emissary Kim wants to see and speak with Min. Even though he does not have the commission, there is still hope for potter Min. At this point, Emissary Kim is in Min’s house, telling him about Kang’s limited commission. Even though Emissary Kim likes Kang’s new interesting work, he prefers Min’s detailed accuracy in his pottery. The emissary kindly offers to see Min’s pottery in Songdo. Min rejects the offer due to the fact that he will not be able to make the journey, because of his old age. Hearing the conversation, Tree-ear thinks that Min’s pride keeps him from getting a commission. Seeing Min’s wife, Tree-ear began thinking of ways to show her his gratitude. Then, the perfect bright idea came upon him. Tree-ear went to Min’s wife asking her if he could make the journey to Songdo for Min. Min’s wife decides to ask Min of Tree-ear’s favor, merely if he meets her requests. Her requests are that Tree-ear returns safely and quickly, and that he calls her Ajima.…show more content…
Crane-man sense that Tree-ear has something on his mind that is bothering Tree-ear. Therefore, he tells Crane-man what is on his mind. Tree-ear tells him that he will go on a journey to Songdo. When Tree-ear says this, he begins to think about the journey. Then, he regrets that he made the offer in the first place. He began to ponder that he had never been outside of Ch’ulp’o since he was little. Tree-ear also thinks about other perils that he could run into on the journey, such as robbers, animals, and rockslides. Even though he begins to get a little frightened, Tree-ear knows that he has to keep his word to
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