Chapter Nine Of Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

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Malcolm Gladwell in chapter nine of Outliers argues that to become an outlier, one has to be given a chance and he/she has to be willing to put effort to seize it. Gladwell uses Marita, who went to KIPP Academy, as an example. Marita wakes up at “five-forty-five a.m.” to prepare for school, and “leaves school at five p.m.” (pg.264). That’s almost a half day spent at school, which leaves little time for Marita’s responsibilities. However, KIPP promised that it will give her “a chance to get out” (pg.267) of poverty, and nonetheless Marita studied day to night in hopes of a much better future. The word “promised” (diction) indicates that Gladwell wants to ensure readers the ability of KIPP to help low income students, to prove his claim that

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