Chapter On The Rainy River Analysis

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The chapter On the Rainy River is a depiction of what it is a like to get a draft notice. Tim O’Brien exemplifies the emotions a soldier goes through when they get a draft card. The feelings he wants the readers to feel is arguably the best depicted in this chapter. The story is believable, even when as a reader, we know it is not true, because the book is fiction. Tim O’Brien wants us to believe this story because he wants the reader to understand the emotion truth. This story may of not happened, but emotionally it did. The emotions that readers should feel are from the moral dilemma between the two options of going to Canada to avoid the war, and to go to war and counterdict what you believe in. There are so many emotions a human being…show more content…
There is a got to be a reason why O’Brien brought this character into this moral story. Elroy seemed like the best fit for the role to aid Tim in his moral dilemma. He is wise, kind, and understanding. Tim admits that Elroy saved his life. ‘’The man opened the door that day is the hero of my life. How do I say this without sounding sappy? Blurt it out - the man saved me. He offered exactly what I needed, without questions, without any words at all.’’(45-46). Elroy represents a fatherly character. He acts as a father to Tim when he needs someone most. Tim is in dire need for a fatherly figure. A fatherly figure is supposed to be very understanding. Like when a teenager says to their parents, ‘’You wouldn’t understand.’’ But it seems like Elroy understands Tim…show more content…
The details may not be true, but the emotions O’Brien wants the reader to feel is true. Fear, shame, sadness, embarrassment, guilt, and so many other emotions that a soldier must go through when drafted. O’Brien tells this story in a way where Tim is on the brink of going to Canada and has to choose between two choices. Both choices have their pros and cons. It is a moral dilemma. Moral dilemmas are supposed to make people feel stressed, confused, and scared. They don’t know what to do and ultimately that is where Elroy comes in. Elroy plays a pivotal role in this story. He says Tim’s life. Not by making the decision for him, but with no words, just emotionally supporting him. Understanding what he is going through with no questions asked. Elroy was there to give us hope and a way to escape from the emotional burden, making the reader feel better about the dilemma they are thinking about. By the end of the chapter the reader is still confused by whether or not Tim made the right choice, and putting themselves in the situation. This allows O’Brien to emotionally put the reader in the
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