Chapter Seven: Patriarchy, Politics, And Government

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Maintaining Control Chapter Seven: Patriarchy, Politics, and Government describes an America that is very similar to England, on the other side of the Atlantic, especially in Virginia, and an America that is starting to resemble an early United States. Virginia colony was very similar to England in a number of ways. Elites held the most control in society, wealthy people sent children to Europe for education, and families intermarried. The practice of intermarriage was similar to what occurred in Europe between countries to create alliances. In Virginia, wealthy families intermarried and through intermarriage families were able to create alliance to look out for each other 's political interests. The more of a families relatives that held a seat in the House of Burgesses, the more ability that family would have to look out for their own interests.…show more content…
Law required a plantation with more than 10 slaves to have an overseer to ensure that work was completed. The overseers were outsiders in the system who were temporary, they lacked relationships with both the plantation owners and the slaves. Society was even more hierarchical in New England even though most residents did similar work. Families worked their own farms so unlike the south were the owners of the biggest plantations with the most slaves were the elites, in New England, the families that were oldest, with the best reputations held the highest standing. Founding families with the most holdings were often the town officials who governed. Church seating reflected the hierarchy, the most prominent families sat in the front. Religion played a significant role in New England Society. Everyone in a town attended the same Puritan Church, and that attendance was mandatory. The church building also served as meeting hall and school. The salary of the minister was paid for with taxes, and many of the secular leaders were also church

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