Chapter Summary And Analysis: To Kill A Mockingbird

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Chapter 03: Summary and Analysis The novel is divided into two parts where the first part has eleven chapters and the second half has 20 chapters. Introduction to the Story The story started with a childhood incident of Jem, the brother of Scout. The scout narrates that the elbow of the Jem badly got hurt when he was 13th and it was a frightening incident for him. He was used to playing football and this incident was enough to shake his self-confidence. He was really conscious about the injury in his arm because his left arm was shorter in length than the right arm. This was an introduction and the plot of the story further moved to the upbringing of Scout and Jem by their father Atticus who is a lawyer in the story. The brilliance of the…show more content…
The Scout and Jem are in the learning stage and they will learn the importance of justice later in the book. Scout often consults Jem for wisdom and support, but the Jem sometimes give a wrong advice. Actual Mockingbird The name of the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” suggests that the mockingbirds are important. In the initial phase, the Jem and Scout were learning to use their shiny air rifles and the Atticus doesn’t teach them to shoot, but he actually gives them some rules to follow: He says to shoot at cans made of tin in the backyard and bluejays, but doesn’t ever hit a mockingbird because it is a sin. The mockingbirds are guiltless and it is a peccadillo to kill them. Miss Maudie supports Atticus and tells children to follow the advice of their father because mockingbirds are innocent of producing music for you to enjoy. Mockingbirds don’t destroy the gardens and only sing to share their stories. As per Atticus, the mockingbirds are harmless and innocent creatures and it is wrong to kill them. Boo is a mockingbird in the story and the story revolves around the difference between good and…show more content…
She should judge people by their intentions rather than their actions. The Atticus is related to all kinds of people and reads the ending paragraph of this chapter to know about his chemistry with all children and folks: The scout narrates that Atticus keeps them in panic and sternly orders to read the columns about a man sitting on the flagpole without any reason. This reason is enough to let Jem spend the upcoming Saturday uphill in the Treehouse. The Jem goes there after breakfast and spends time until sunset. He would plan to spend the whole night, but the Atticus is really strict. Scout spends maximum part of the day mountaineering up and down, doing different chores for Jem and offering food, water and other important things. She also provides blankets for the night, but Atticus opposes and says that Jem should come down. The chapter introduces the Ewell family, such as the Burris Well and his family is living outside the local and national laws. They are poor and ignorant and belong to the lowest circle of the white Maycomb society. Theme of the

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