Chapter Summary: More God Less Crime

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Analysis of "More God Less Crime." In the book More God Less Crime the author focuses on a central topic of how faith based institution and individuals can aid in reducing crime in society. The book stresses that these new faith based policies can implement a life long lifestyle change. In our society today, there are many dangerous problems we face from false imprisonment to youth violence. Within the book in providing solutions such as rehabilitation that can eventually eradicate these problems that plague our society. By having a strong foundation of religion set in place it can help resolve unjust matters with the belief that morality is superior. By incorporating morality in inmates life 's and other members within the system, it enables them to lead a better life, by leaving their old ways behind. Furthermore, the book is divided into three sections which contain specific chapters catered to reducing crime and or explaining how it can be resolved. Firstly, the first section in the book is divided into chapters 1-4. Beginning with the first chapter it stresses how the author …show more content…

The use of religion in aiding those stuck in a life of crime is very effective, however there needs to be more attempts to develop more organizations that focus on rehabilitation for inmates. If we instill moral and ethical codes as a treatment for the inmates a reduction in crime and violence can be seen. Once groups get passed their individual disagreement and focus on the real problem at hand is when the presence of deviant behavior can be eradicated. However, the steps currently being made gives hope for the future. It gives hope to the youth and inmates who are to be receiving this treatment to help them achieve a better life. The practice of more God in their daily life will result in less deviant behavior ridding of high crime

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