Chapter Summary Of Irene Gut Odyke

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Plot Summary Irene Gut Opdyke, a holocaust survivor and rescuer, helped Jews escape the hands of Germans who were in desperate need of Jewish blood. At the young age of seventeen she began to see the cruelty of the world. She had began her studies as a nurse, when the war first started, she had taken the decision to help retreating troops with her nursing skills. Soon enough Poland, the land she was helping had came to an end, she had nowhere to go, she stayed with a Polish army hiding in the woods. One night while stealing food and supplies, she was captured by Russian soldiers and raped. She woke up in a hospital where she was held hostage. Dr. David, after realizing Dr. Ksydzof attempted to rape Irene, took the decision to help Irene escape. …show more content…

That is where it all began, Irene began to see the cruelty the Jews were being treated. She began by leaving food under a fence for the Jews to eat, then she would spread the word of exterminations and soon she had a group of Jews she had taken to a forest to hide. Schultz would secretly help her, giving her days off, food and blankets. Major Rugemer had showed interest in Irene, he asked her to go work at his villa. Irene accepted, she now had a place to hide her group of Jews. In the villa, she had managed to hide 12 Jews in Major Rumeger’s basement. Unfortunately, they were caught, Major Rugemer was furious but, accepted to keep them safe, as long as Irene would be his mistress, Irene had accepted his condition. The higher Germans had found out about Major Rugemer’s mistress and commanded him to give her up. Irene had to leave the 12 Jews in the forest and she had escaped from the hands of Major Rugemer. She had now joined the Partisans and was going to marry Janek, the leader but VERY sadly he died the day before their wedding. After a few months Irene was in desperate need of finding her family, she returned to Radom but, her aunt Helen knew nothing about her family. Irene then went to Krakow, in search for the twelve Jews she had helped. She met them and had been told her father was killed and her mother and sisters were in hiding. Irene was interviewed by William Opdyke, they fell in love and married. Irene was now living …show more content…

I shipped that couple so much, I was hoping Irene’s daughter was his but no. It was so unsuspected and got me shook.
Point of View The book was written in first person point of view. Irene told her experiences and gave the reader a clear vision of the occurrences. By writing the book in first person point of view Irene gave detail that made us, the readers feel like we were living during the Holocaust.

Antagonist/ Protagonist
Protagonist- Irene/ Helping Jews in anyway was a great offense and you could be killed. Despite that fact Irene, did not think twice when she found Jews in need of help. Although she could have gotten killed, she risked her life in order to protect the lives of others.
Antagonist- Hitler/ Hitler is the one at fault for everything Irene had to go through. Yes, the Germans and Russians also played a great role but, they wouldn’t have done what they did if it wasn’t for Hitler. Hitler brainwashed everyone by using propaganda, and caused the hate towards Jews.

Diction Throughout most of the book Irene used a lot of figurative language. Figurative language gives a clearer vision of what is happening in the book. Irene chose the title “In My

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