Chapter Summary Of One Wes Moore

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story, two boys who have the same name and a similar fate go through life’s struggles, just born blocks within each other. Life gave these two a handful of obstacles but only one was able to overcome them. One Wes faces life in prison, due to a convicted murder of a police officer. The other Wes attended military school, became a paratrooper and served as Captain in the U.S. Army. Both Wes’ were headed for a dark future, by getting in trouble with the police and hanging out with the wrong crowd, until one of them cleaned up his act and changed his life for the better. The author’s intention in this book is to advise all people, from children to young adults, to understand that everyone is going to face life’s struggles. Life can throw severe situations at anyone at anytime. The choices you make in those opportunities can cause consequences that better your life or change it for the worse. These two men, were born into an atmosphere where violence and drugs were present in their daily life. The narrator states, “Fear and apathy had become the new norm in what had once been a close-knit community. They also talked about something I’d never heard…show more content…
Your family most likely encourages you to do well in school and attend college. Some friends may be all for that while others are engaged in drugs and violence, which could separate you from potentially accomplishing goals you have or your family has brought upon you. Family income is very important. One Wes had no other option other than to sell drugs because he was only bringing in minimum wage, which was not enough for him and his family. The last message Wes Moore tries to explain is how choices can affect your life. One Wes attended military school and it bettered himself. He was segregated from drugs, violence, and gangs. While the other Wes chose to affiliate himself with all of those
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