Chapter Summary Of Shelby's 'The Stalker'

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From chapters 12 - 19 (cycle 3), Shelby’s situation is still in worry by her and her family. The police are still investigating with the plenty of clues and hints, but the stalker is still unknown. Shelby’s family decided to release this situation in the news article so that everyone would be aware and it might help them in their situation. The media is a phenomenal way of making people cognizant of any situation or problem another has and that can help them in many ways. For example, the news article has stated that Shelby is being stalked, if someone feels that they know who is behind Shelby or has seen someone stalking her, they can let the police know and that can lead to the capture of this stalker. The media can interact with absolutely every person not only in your community but on the planet! Media makes people listen and see, therefore forces them to reflect on a message. The media will always keep everyone updated. The stalker may have second thoughts because the fact that everyone is aware of a stalker which is him, it will be harder for him to warn Shelby he is coming for her. Shelby is in the news article so she will be well known by others. In the book, Shelby had stated…show more content…
The media focuses on one point more than another. For example Isis (a Muslims terrorist group) is killing innocent people in France, the main point in the media is that Muslims are attacking. This makes some viewers and readers think that all Muslims are horrible. Not all Muslims are Isis, most are innocent, as a Muslim, I believe that true Muslims believe that Isis is wrong. The media focuses on one point more than another because it’s more important and everyone should be aware and this is correct in my opinion, but the media sometimes lead some viewers to the wrong path. For example, if you read the picture on the left, this is what media has put into other brains of other

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