Chapter Summary Of The Alchemist

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This start starts off with a young man, Santiago, who is a shepherd traveling through Andalusia. He takes shelter at an abandoned church and tries to sleep under a sycamore tree but a dream troubles him. He has this dream every time he sleeps under a sycamore tree that grows out of the ruins of a church. In this dream, a child tells him to go to the Egyptian pyramids and here he will find treasure. Believing this recurring dream has a message he goes to a Gypsy who can interpret dreams. She tells him to go to Egypt and if he finds treasure she wants one tenth of it. On his journey he meets Melchizedek, an old man who claims he is the King of Salem. He increases Santiago’s belief in his quest by telling him it’s his “Personal Legend.” Melchizedek convinced him to sell his sheep and go to Tangier. Upon arrival at Tangier Santiago is…show more content…
He joins a caravan that is passing through the Sahara Desert towards Egypt. Here is meets an aspiring English alchemist who is in search of a 200-year-old alchemist to teach him the tricks of his trade. He is headed for Al-Fayoum. As it turns out the caravan stops at Al-Fayoum to avoid the on-going tribal wars. Here he meets Fatima and falls in love with her. While taking a walk he witnesses an omen that foretells an attack on the supposedly neutral oasis. He is able to warn the chieftains in time so that Al-Fayoum can defend itself. The 200-year-old alchemist hears of this and invites Santiago to accompany him on a trip. On their trip they are held captive by Arab soldiers. In exchange for their lives, Santiago’s life savings are given and the alchemist tells them that Santiago is a powerful alchemist who in three days will turn into the wind. Santiago then speaks to the wind and sun to create a sand storm. Then he prays and when the storm is at its peak he disappears and reappears on the other side of the camp. Awed by his powers the soldiers let him

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