Chapter Summary Of The Kite Runner

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The chapters continue in March 1981 when Baba and Amir decided to leave Kabul because of the Russian invasion. Afghanistan became a dangerous place as there were no one to trust, and people turned each other back for money. Baba and Amir left their house in the middle of the night, and now, they were on an old Russian truck to Pakistan with other refugees. Karim, the truck driver managed to brought them to the check point. One Russian soldier approached them, and he demand to spend 30 minutes alone with the woman who was wearing the olive green dress as the payment to let them pass the checkpoint. Baba is very angry and he challenge him to kill him instead. When the soldier was about to shot Baba, another Russian soldier with a higher rank…show more content…
He said Amir will need it to drive to college. Amir really appreciated Baba 's kindness and love. The next morning, Amir tells Baba that he is going to be majored in creative writing. However, Baba was not very happy with his choice. Amir often drive his Ford Torino alone, and he felt that America has allowed him to forget his past and start fresh. Baba and Amir started to buy stuff at the yard sale and resell it at San Jose flea market. At the flea market, Baba met his acquaintance, General Taheri, who used to work for the ministry of defense in Kabul. Baba told him that Amir is going to be a writer. Amir explained that he will write about fiction story. Genetal Taheri introduced his daughter, Soraya to Baba and Amir. Amir started thinking about Soraya every night. He often visit the general Taheri booth in the flea market to see Soraya. One day, Baba knew that Amir is going to talk to Soraya. He tells amir about pride and honor. Amir finally talks to Soraya and the conversation was going well. Moreover, Soraya even ask Amir about his writing. Amir promises to give her his writing. Later, Amir also met Soraya mother, Jamila. It went on like that for
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