Chapter Summary: Personal Narrative

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In the scene ROGER OUT OF HIS MISERY, Jake is pulled in with the crooked cops lead by Alonzo to “tax” Roger. This is part of the crooked cop business. They get themselves in a bind and they make others pay for it. Alonzo is the head that abusing his power as a cop. He uses his power to kill his own friend Roger for their gain. Roger never knew it was coming, until it happened. Poor Roger loses his life, When all he was, was a friend to Alonzo. Then Alonzo makes up a story about the whole situation that each of of his team backs him up for, a story that makes the Roger the bad guy. Jake tried to get out of it, but Alonzo threatens his life and his family. He gave Jake no choice to be the good guy that he is. To Alonzo it’s his way or the highway. The whole scene shows how evil and corrupt Alonzo and his Narcotics team really is. Alonzo plans everything and makes sure that everything goes his way, or he will fix it by pulling the trigger.…show more content…
That Alonzo is a hot head, that he beat one of the Russians to death. What Alonzo didn’t know was the Russian was a somebody, now he has to pay a load of cash to stay alive. The business that Alonzo and his team was in as crooked cops, is what got him killed in the end. As good as an actor Denzel was, viewers will believe he really was a bad guy and he deserved everything he got in the
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