Chapter Summary: Sixth Grader Rob Horton

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Sixth Grader Rob Horton is socially awkward, in the first chapter he explains that he stuffs all of his feelings into an imaginary suitcase and closes it. In addition to Rob being socially inept, Rob also has a rash on his legs that he constantly gets teased about. At school Rob’s principal thinks that Rob’s rash is contagious, so he sends Rob home. Rob and his father live at the Kentucky Star Motel in Lister, Florida. Rob is an outsider and doesn’t have any friends, until he meets the new girl Sistine. He shows Sistine the tiger he found in the woods, and she thinks they have to free it. Later Beauchamp who is the motel owner hires Rob to feed the tiger. Thereafter Rob frees the tiger with Sistine only to have it shot by Rob’s father. Sistine

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