Chapter Summary: The Invisible Man By Ralph Waldo Ellison

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“The Invisible Man”
“The Invisible Man” prologue, written by Ralph Waldo Ellison is about a black man living in the mid 1900’s. He’s invisible in the eyes of other people. He thinks that his ability is because people don’t want to see him and that’s why he’s invisible. Further in to the prologue we learn about the disadvantages of being invisible and the quite remarkable good things that follow invisibility. The themes of the prologue are racism and segregation. It could also be freedom and revenge.

In the mid 1900’s, the segregation was quite big in the US and white and black people felt very distinguished. Many white people felt superior to blacks and that caused the protagonist in this prologue to feel like he’s overseen and inferior in the society. His life was often a battle. A battle against the racism he faces everyday. The perceptions of racism in these years were so bad that blacks felt invisible and very inferior. The protagonist feels that everybody needs to be seen and recognized in an ideal society and he thinks that a person who doesn’t will have problems. He’s trying to get attention from others by every means and if he doesn’t like the way other people treat him he gets
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The Invisible Man is, like Rosa Parks, a big human rights activist and civil rights campaigner. Rosa Parks fought against racism by avoiding rules, which were in favour of whites. Another civil rights campaigner was Martin Luther King. Different from The Invisible Man and Rosa Parks, Luther King used words and got recognized. The other two used actions and took advantages of the segregation problem to turn against the whites. The Invisible Man is a great story because it illuminates the fight against racial separation and probably motivates others to fight for it as well. In the end of the prologue he finds himself feeling okay because of the light bulbs, which are representing the recognition he’s finally
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