Chapter Summary: The Nonsense Du Jour

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Another thing I learned was in chapter 6 titled The Nonsense Du Jour. Here it is discussed that the scientific evidence or reasoning nutritionists use is cherry picked and can’t be seen as accurate. This is true when I see the connection Michael Van Straten (Goldacre, 88) makes between aging and pomegranate juice. Claim made was pomegranate juice before and after plastic surgery helps heal faster. Taking this claim the idea of pomegranate juice reducing wrinkles and aging came to be. Going to Medline (Goldacre, 89) no data on this provided. A simple observation on a small group lead to a general application of a new function of it. The reason for doing this is to create a market for themselves. The author proceeds to explain that research may not be flawed but it is the interpretation of the nutritionist of the research. This is brought up by an experiment he conducted consisting of people with different lifestyles…show more content…
It was believed even by the government. Initially the drugs actually worsened people 's conditions even more. “In the mid-2005 at least 85 percent of HIV positive people who needed antiretroviral drugs were still refused them” (Goldacre, 137). The health minister would go on to television and downplay the benefits of the drug and advocated the benefits of good nutrition (Goldacre, 137). The minister advocated the consumption of products that they produce and not drugs produced outside that would help people with HIV and attempt to prevent the spreading. Foods such as African potato, garlic, and beetroot were consumed. In fact, the African potato caused patients with AIDS to develop bone marrow suppression and a drop in CD4 blood count very quickly (Goldacre, 138). The denial of the need for the drugs leads to death of millions and the large expansion of the

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