Chapter Summary: The Vietnam War

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Once upon a time there was a bunch of not so little pigs. They had terrorised the entire city by ransacking the families that did nothing to them and they were know to set fire to houses and watched them burn to the ground. The name of these terrorists are, Justen had wavy hair that he could stretch out 20 feet so that is how they set of the matches to burn the houses. the second of the three is Rodrego who loved his explosives so much that he drinks gasoline like milk. The third and the worst of the three is Griffin, he is a pig mixed with a griffin he had the body of a pig with the wings of an eagle, the beak of a hawk. the most creepy part was the tail. the tail was a curly harry lion tail. Three months ago the pigs had killed all of the wolf family, but the oldest son survived Logan.…show more content…
The pigs were at the park griffin was on the swings, rodrigo was on the bench sleeping next to the slide and Justin was on the Zipline. That day Logan decided to go on a walk with his new black shiny shot gun. he had made up his mind to get revenge for his family on the pigs. Logan got on his bike and went to the park. five minutes later he was there. Logan jumped off his bike, then headed to the bench where Rodrigo was. he held the shotgun in his hand confidently. He walked up to Rodrigo pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger. the blood splattered all over the bench. The blood dripped out of the remains of rodrego. Logan then headed over to griffin. he was tangled in the cold chains of the swings. Logan grabbed his tail, then pulled out his scissors and brutally sniped off his boney tail. it dropped down on the ground and flopped about. Logan laughed at the sight of his work. logan grabbed his shotgun and aimed it at the main that he head of griffin and pulled the trigger. the struggling stopped.the blood dripped out of griffins remains.
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