Character Analysis: 12 Angry Men

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In The movie 12 Angry Men, by Reginald Rose he uses interesting techniques to show what the behind the scenes view of a juror room looks like. The 12 jurors are determining whether or not an accused inner-city teen is guilty or not-guilty for the death of his father. The reader can figure out the true meaning of the character’s by using shapes to analyze them and at the same time the reader may be able to dig deeper then text to figure out who these characters really are. The characters #5,#7, and #8 are the same, but different in many ways.
While watching the movie Juror #5 had many strong moments. He was a very frightened man who took things very seriously. While this may be true, he was also kind of shy, but became stronger throughout. Juror 5 stated he had some similar things about their lives, “I used to play in a backyard that was filled with garbage. Maybe it still smells on me.”Juror #5 and the inner-city teen have both lived in the same kind of neighborhood and this could lead to a better understanding of the boy. This is one of the first times that juror number 5 talks and it makes a
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Juror #7 is remarkably different in a way that he doesn’t care about being there at all. He flows through the whole discussion and agrees with everyone else. He is a salesman who has more important things to do than to sit on a jury. When standing at the window, he is talking to juror #6 and says, “Y 'know something? It 's hot. (NO. 6 nods.) You 'd think they 'd at least air condition the place. I almost dropped dead in court.”For the analysis, the shape that was used is a sun that is gray inside to express his down feelings, he has a tawdry entry, in which yellow was used to show the color of a sun to represent a flashy style. Juror #7 makes very quick judgments on things on which he knows nothing. This could lead to a wrong conclusion on whether or not the teen boy is guilty or not
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