Character Analysis: A Bronx Tale

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A Bronx Tale

Growing up in the Bronx, in an Italian American neighborhood, during the 1960’s a boy finds his way stumbling into manhood. He has two paths to choose the legitimate way or the illegitimate way. His father, Lorenzo, who is played by Robert DeNiro is a hardworking man who works for a living. He always told Calogero also known as C (Lillo Brancato), “that nothing in the world is worse than wasted talent.” He always tried to listen to his father. While learning from his father, he admired a local street gangster named Sonny (Chazz Palminteri). Sonny also cared for C and always told him that in the world “nobody cares.” C listened to the advice from both role models and looked for ways to have them work with each other. When C was young he watched Sonny’s every move, from the way he walked to the way that he moved his hands when he was speaking to people; He idolized him. From idolizing him, Sonny never paid any attention to the 9-year-old kid until one specific day. One day while C was sitting on his stoop, he witnessed Sonny kill a man on what looked to be over a parking space. From being one of the few witness, Calogero kept on telling himself “don't squeal.” He understood that telling in his neighborhood, people would think of him as a rat or snitch. Since Calogero helped Sonny, he
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A Bronx Tale” was directed by Robert De’Niro who is a very well known actor as well as director. It has been seen to be one of his best movies. This film was different then many gangster movies. It did not deal with having to kill everyone to make a point. It gave the idea that there were two people who saw a teenage kid and wanted to help him prepare for life the best that they could. These two both gave him very good advice that seemed to contradict each other but C figured out how to make it

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