Character Analysis: A Day No Pigs Would Die By Robert Peck

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Robert Peck has advanced through life, growing qualities that will help him throughout adulthood. In the novel A Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Peck, Robert grows throughout the novel with his responsibility, family/beliefs, and relationships. Roberts has built responsibility through the novel, that have developed life long skills. Roberts matured with his family/beliefs throughout the course of the book.Throughout the book, Robert’s relationships with others have improved greatly.Responsibility, family/beliefs, and relationship that Rob had gained were vastly matured throughout the book. Roberts has grown up by taking responsibility in difficult situation with others. Robert has grown by taking responsibility when Hussy, the dog was dying. This is when Robert takes responsibility to help Hussy by standing up to them. This shows him growing because he has never stood up to his father. An example of Robert…show more content…
He has done many good deeds for many folks. The deeds he had done, have given him a lifelong relationship with others around him. One way his relationship is shown when “… makes a pretty pair of bull calves. And Robert, I thank you again”(Peck 21). This happened after Robert helped Apron the cow give birth to two calves. Mr. Tanner is so pleased with Robert they develop a strong relationship. Which is shown when he gives Robert Pinky, takes him to the fair, and tries to help Pinky get pregnant. Another way Robert has grown is when “‘Thank you,’ she said to me after we got the pots moved into a sunny spot”(Peck 82). This takes place after Robert and Mrs. Bascom first round up when she beat him with a broom for running through her strawberry patch. Now Robert and Mrs. Bascom have become companion after Robert helped her move the pots. Also, Mrs. Bascom put in a word with Mr. Tanner to have him take him to the fair with him. Roberts relationships with others tremendously grown throughout the
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