Quiet Torrential Sound In A Doll's House

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Society sets the standard for how men and women should behave and that their roles are with relationships, friendships and careers. What is socially acceptable for a man is not perceived as socially acceptable for a woman in certain scenarios. Why is there a gap and will men and women be viewed as equals? One of the assigned stories that I had to read was A Doll’s House. The setting was in the 19th century. It portrayed how marriage and roles were defined during that time. One of the main characters in the story, Torvald Helmer, was married to Nora and they had small children. Torvald was viewed as a standup citizen who was about to get a promotion at the bank and get a substantial raise. He inquired about any money that Nora spent,…show more content…
This story took place in more current time period. The main character within this story was Monica. Her sister, Claire, and her had just entered a café after going to a concert. Even from the very beginning of the story, the author did not make Monica’s character easy to like. “Claire, I believe I’ve expressed this to you before. I wish you would make more of an effort to expand your vocabulary. No one would ever think that you’re a junior college graduate” (Meyer, 2017 p582). She was rude and demeaning to the waiter and her sister. “Claire, dear. Really. A Coke and a hot fudge sundae? We were only just moments ago discussing your figure in the car” (Meyer, 2017 p583). She felt as though she was better than both of these individuals. Her words and actions spoke volumes to the readers. The unexpected twist in this story was that Monica was sexually unsatisfied and not having orgasms. Her sister tries to bring up the topic, but Monica attempts to change the subject and then yells at her sister to stop talking. At the end of the story, Monica mentions that if Claire has any information or pamphlets from the workshop that she would be willing to look at them (Meyers, 2017
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