Character Analysis: A Man Called Ove

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I have never met or read about any person that is remotely close to Ove. In the book A man called Ove, Ove is a man growing old and tired. His wife has died off and he lives in a development where he is getting new young neighbors. When they first move in they want to back in a trailer. The “Lanky one” as Ove refers to him, wants to do it himself, but obviously cant because it is getting closer and closer to Ove’s house. Ove then gets out there and does it himself. I am going to be evaluating, visualizing, and predicting. First I will be evaluating Ove with 2 adjectives. The first adjective is bitter. Ove is the direct definition of bitter is a person who is angry, hurt, or resentful because of one's bad experiences or a sense of…show more content…
If you were to walk into the room you would’ve guessed it to be unkempt for a man who is about to commit suicide but it is the complete opposite. It is flawless; you could tell he put a lot of thought into it. Walking into the room you would immediately see plastic rap along every square inch of the floor. The explanation was that he didn’t want the paramedics to scuff up his flooring. He had everything that you could think of done. The suit he wanted to be buried in, he had on. If anybody wondered why he did it, he had a note in his front breast pocket of the suit. He then proceeded to get a hook to drill into the ceiling. When drilling, he took into account every single piece of drywall that would fall to the floor while he was drilling. During drilling he heard a slight knock, you would think it was a mouse knocking. (Specific detail smiley face trick)He didn’t pay much attention to it until he heard a loud boom. Then Ove walks in an averse fashion towards the door and swings it open like a baboon towards a new branch. (Figurative language smiley face) and its his new neighbors, all ove wanted to do was die amicably. “Im drilling!” (Backman 61) is what he said when he opened the door. Finally I will be…show more content…
I mainly say this because there is a lot of the book yet left and they wouldn’t drag it on for that long. One other reason is that he is slowly meeting new people every few chapters. I think that in the end he is going to have lots of friends that love and support him. Ove’s new neighbors are pregnant. Another prediction is that she is going to have the baby and the baby will play a role in keeping him happy. “Ove glared back. He got back into the Saab and leisurely closed the door.”(Backman 29) Ove is all alone and is ready to die. I do think that a lot of people coming into Ove’s life will bring him back to happiness. I evaluated, visualized and predicted. Over all I evaluated Ove with 2 adjectives. I visualized when Ove was getting ready for the big moment. And finally I predicted on how the book will end. (Full circle ending smiley face

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