Character Analysis: A Raisin In The Sun

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A family has the faculty to become a person’s most colossal adherent, pushing them to be more proficiently adept at life. Albeit this may be true, in ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ Walter doesn’t feel as though his relatives fortifies his conceptions to advance himself along with the family, engendering a better life for them altogether. Walter Lee Younger is the oldest male in the household, who strives to be able to provide for his kin like his father once did, by creating his own business. Walter, at times, feels inferior in the house full of women, as they continue to shut his ideas down causing him to feel jealous of those who have succeeded. This causes him to be bitter towards the women in his life.
Living in a two-bedroom apartment in the slums of Chicago is Walter, his mother (Lena), his wife Ruth, Beneatha (his sister), and his son Travis. Walter wants to do better by them by starting a liquor business using the insurance money his father gave his mother, but Mama, who is religious says it’s not Christian and “We ain’t no business people…We just plain working folks.” Then his wife, Ruth tells him she doesn’t want to hear about a dream he never pursues, and Beneatha tells Walter he’s crazy and that the money doesn’t belong to him. Especially since none of the family seems to listen or even support his idea he becomes bitter towards them. Lashing out at them and making them feel guilty that they don’t believe or rely on him to support them or that they make him feel less of a
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