Character Analysis: A Rose For The Anzac Boys

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‘A Rose for the Anzac Boys’ by Jackie French holds a very interesting character, Anne. Anne is an upper class citizen and was determined to be married off just like her other sisters. Her parents wanted it done in the first season but Anne has one problem. Spots. With this imperfection Anne has a low self esteem and confidence which meant she was afraid to do anything to upset her parents further. When she had the opportunity to do her part in the war she took in in hopes of proving herself to her parents that she is worth more than just someone to be married. Anne shows us that through determination and hard work, things may not end up with the happy ending you expected but instead can finish in something completely different but just as good.…show more content…
She needed to show people that she was more than her title and family background. Anne’s family are expecting her to be to be ‘perfect’ so she can marry into a good family, this is no easy struggle for any teenager as everyone wants to please their parents. Anne’s self-esteem dropped. She says that “One’s job is to look so totally ravishing that the marriage settlements are signed and sealed by the end of one’s first season”. Anne is so accustomed to having to be the perfect daughter and ‘trophy’ wife that she knows no different. Later on in the novel she becomes more aware of her parents disappointment with her spots saying 'You just don 't understand! The first thing Mummy looks at when I come home each term. How can she present a daughter with spots? Four daughters successfully married off and now the last one has to get spots. I think she 'd rather I ran off with a footman '. Anne becomes more and more upset from this and often becomes irritated at people who brush her problems of acceptance
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