Sister Leaving Home Analysis

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Sister finds herself in the midst of a family feud after Stella-Rondo, her younger sister, returns home due to her recent separation from her husband, Mr. Whitaker. As Stella-Rondo begins to turn everyone in the family against Sister, she decides the only thing she can do to get away from the drama is move to the PO, where she works as the postmaster. At the end of this story, Sister is moved into the PO where she lives happily without hearing from her family. The lies and exaggerations Stella-Rondo used to turn the family against Sister shows us that even the smallest things can cause a family to drift apart. While the whole family is back together now that Stella-Rondo is once again in the house, the family was still very isolated. Each member had their own ways of isolation, such as Uncle Rondo staying intoxicated on his medications to be in his own little world, or like Papa-Daddy sitting out in his hammock all day. This story shows us…show more content…
In my family, we may get mad and fight and want each other to leave but in the end we would never let someone move out because of it. Another thing stood out is how Papa-Daddy talked about Sister and Stella-Rondo. I found it interesting that he was so open to telling everyone how the thought Stella-Rondo had a “brilliant mind” and how he didn’t know how Sister was smart enough to even sort the mail in the post office or if she was smart enough to even read it. This spoke volumes to me about the culture that Sister was raised in and how much differently things where back then. I believe that the Eudora Welty’s vision for this story was strongly influenced by her culture and by her gender. Women in this time were often treated as they were not as smart and could easily be overpowered by other women and most importantly men, as we can see in this story with both Stella-Rondo and Papa-Daddy talking down about
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