Character Analysis: A Smart Cookie

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The American Dream is an ideal that every citizen should have an equal right to achieve success. In modern times, there are many obstacles to reaching the American Dream. Many people struggle to overcome the obstacles of the good life, but eventually finds a way out. In the passage, “A Smart Cookie”, it says, “I could’ve been somebody, you know?” People give up, when they could have ended up living the good life. Even though people may not know about the American Dream, money and education are a big obstacle to defeat it. Money is a barrier to the American Dream. A lot of individuals are embarrassed of themselves, because they do not have things as nice as others have it. They do not have the money for clothes, food, and a big house. In the passage, “Someday she would like to go to the ballet. Someday she would like to see a play.” Even though people want to go out and do things, their bank account is stopping them. In the passage, “No Speak English”, it says, “The man saved his money to bring her here.” The man had to save up his money each day, just to take the woman on a date. A few ways to prevail over money is to build a budget by making a list of what you earn or spend each month, and find ways to earn extra income. Many people want to live the American Dream, but money is an obstacle they are fighting to overcome.…show more content…
Many human beings have education, but are too lazy to get up, go to school, and use their brains. Language is also a problem, because they face someone who does not speak their language, then have nothing to do about it. In the passage, “A Smart Cookie”, it says, “You want to know why I quit school? Because I didn’t have nice clothes. No clothes, but I had brains.” The women could have got an education, but she dropped out because she did not look good. Education should be a main priority, because it can get people a lot farther in life than sitting on the
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