Stanley Kowalski In Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Street Car Named Desire is a play written by Tennessee Williams which tells the tale of the neurotic Blanche Dubois, who comes to New Orleans to live with her passive sister, Stella and her ruthless husband Stanley after losing the family home. In this essay, I will focus on Stanley Kowalski as Tennessee Williams conveys numerous behaviour traits through him.
Williams uses numerous dramas and literary techniques to develop Stanley Kowalski behaviour traits. Stanley is a character who posses an intensely animalistic physical dynamism evident in his love of work, fighting and sex with his main amusements being gambling, bowling, sex and drinking. Stanley is primitive. Our first impression of him comes the quotations “Stella Catch! Meat! ”,
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“How about my supper huh? ”, when he complains not being prepared dinner when Stella is about to take her sister Blanche for dinner demonstrates Stanley only thinks of himself and who will to cook him dinner. Whilst Stanley has his weekly poker nights with friends, he cannot allow Sftella have only a night-out with her sister which shows his selfishness character. When Stanley rifles through Blanches travel chest, he pulls out dresses, furs and feathers that he believes to be far affordable on a teacher 's salary, he digs deeper ad the discoveries lead him to believe that Blanche is hiding money from Stella and even goes further to question the origin of her belongings which demonstrates his selfishness character. “You’re goddamn right, I told him! I’d have that on my conscience the rest of my life if I knew all that stuff and let my best friend get caught ” Stanley is a self centred , even with his wife and friends. This quotation shows that he told Mitch about Blanche’s past in to stop him from marrying her. This suggests that Stanley does not care about Mitch and his feelings, but focuses only on one thing: to get rid of Blanche. So Stanley told her in order for Mitch to think again about marrying her and wrecking their relationship which makes Blanche’s life less desirable as she will lose the only person she had much more in common
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