Character Analysis: A Street Car Named Desire

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A Street Car Named Desire is a play written by Tennessee Williams which tells the tale of the neurotic Blanche Dubois, who comes to New Orleans to live with her passive sister, Stella and her ruthless husband Stanley after losing the family home. In this essay, I will focus on Stanley Kowalski as Tennessee Williams conveys numerous behaviour traits through him. Williams uses numerous dramas and literary techniques to develop Stanley Kowalski behaviour traits. Stanley is a character who posses an intensely animalistic physical dynamism evident in his love of work, fighting and sex with his main amusements being gambling, bowling, sex and drinking. Stanley is primitive. Our first impression of him comes the quotations “Stella Catch! Meat! ”, it clearly shows a stone aged like character who doesn’t treat women the way they should be treated. “ Sit down ”, Williams portrays Stanley as the masculine figure in the play, he orders people around and does not care about anyone but himself. This is also supported by the fact his appearance represents him being primitive and muscular. Stanley is apelike, this is evident when he tells Mitch the truth and when he buys Blanche the ticket to leave. It shows that when Stanley does mean things, he does not think about the aftermath of the person he is hurting. He only wants to make sure the person will get hurt and that he gets advantage from it. “ Don’t ever talk that way to me! ” Stanley is reluctant to allow demeaning, undignified

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