Character Analysis: A Streetcar Named Desire, By Tennessee Williams

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Blanche, which is Stella 's older sister, arrives in New Orleans as a broken, arrogant, sensitive, and an obvious crumbling figure. Blanche was once married and very much in love with a young man who seemed to be very tortured. He committed suicide after she discovered that he was a homosexual man, and ever since suffering from regret and guilt! Blanche watched as her parents and relatives passed away. She had to endure many hard trials including watching foreclosure fall on their family estate! Blanche demonstrates actions as any human being would and cracks under pressure! Perhaps she had so many emotions suppressed inside her that they now could no longer be contained. Blanche participates in a series of sexual ‘’adventures’’ that trigger an expulsion from her community. In New Orleans she demonstrates the act of a woman that has never know shame, but Stanley seems to see directly through her. After so long Blanches past seems to catch up with her and destroy her relationship that she has with Mitch. Stanley, destroys what is left of Blanche, as she feared this would happen in the first place! At the end of the play Blanche is led away feeling lost from life with an unconscious mind to an insane asylum. This is indeed the story of what happens to Blanche in the story but there were many flaws in her own personality that were to blame for her tragedies. Blanche is by far one of the most complex characters of the entire play! She is a very intelligent and sensitive woman

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