Blanche Dubois: A Mysterious Liar

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“Playwright Tennessee Williams was born on March 26, 1911, in Columbus, Mississippi” (“Tennessee Williams”). Tennessee Williams was one of the most prominent playwrights in history. The way he conducted plays were dramatic, eye opening and ahead of his time. Tennessee Williams was a white Southern male who grew up in one the harshest time periods in America. It was a more strict time period with old idealistic ways. Tennessee Williams showed a different side of literature; where everything is not perfect and subtle but rather harsh. Harshness of reality is what he focused on. Certain ideas that some playwrights avoided, he exploited. In Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche Dubois is a arrogant liar who lives in a false reality. …show more content…

She drinks and lie’s because of her past, with her consciously knowing that she is responsible for the death of allan, and also being responsible for being fired as a teacher; she has to find a way to cope with everything going on in her head. Blanche’s way of coping is lying, her lying becomes part of her reality. “Blanches part in her husband 's death is neither gentile nor loving.” (Phillip 305) She Feels guilty for her actions, but there is little remorse shown from blanche. She feels terrible for judging but knows its irreversible so she lives with it. With the Character traits such as Blanches, she realizes her mistake but will not openly admit to them out in the public eye. “The touch of your hands insults them.” (Williams 37) She holds her secrets close, and when people ask’s for the truth; she’s feels like they 're being rude or against her. But when she opens up; is when she starts to lie and get defensive instead of telling the complete and honest …show more content…

Multiple harsh scenarios give a detailed outline on how Blanche can ruin a character 's self esteem without doing much harm to her own. Blanche buries her own personal flaws by attention seeking , flirtatious behavior, lying and drinking. “Blanches most fundamental regret as we see her in new orleans, is not that she happened to marry a homosexual… Blanche’s concern that, when made aware of her husband 's sexuality she brought on the boys suicide” (Berkman 252) When Blanche judges somebody else it take weight off her shoulders from her own life struggles. Allan killing himself was just another layer of filth that Blanche tends not to acknowledge. The act of Allan Grey killing himself after Blanche discover’s that he is a homesexual is what started the chain of events for Blanche to take on majority of her traits. She consumes an excessive amount alcohol to forget Allan and other traumatizing events, but in reality all this lying and drinking is just adding building her insecurities even

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