Character Analysis A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

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In the novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith takes the reader through the life of a girl named Francie Nolan, who was born in the early 1900’s. Francie was the first born child, and raised by her mother, Katie and her father, Johnny. Once Francie’s little brother, Neely is born, she struggles to gain the same attention and acceptance from her mother that she gives to him, and desires equal love. Although Katie plays as a minor character, she presents an important part in the novel, as her behaviors highlight the weaknesses and strengths in Francie, and illuminate the meaning of the work as a whole. While Francie grows up to learn and overcome many obstacles in her life, the relationship between her and her mother is a continuous internal and external battle that she cannot grow out of. Through Katie's character, Betty Smith slightly touches on the idea of the injustices that come with being a girl in this time period, but mainly portrays the idea that even when an individual is feeling unloved and lonely, she still has the potential to grow and overcome her weaknesses. From the very beginning of the novel, Katie claims that she will always…show more content…
Katie and Francie maintain a loving relationship throughout the novel, despite the slight neglect that Francie receives. The civil relationship provides evidence for the patience and true loving nature that Francie carries. Eventually, Francie asks her mother one day about a certain incident, where Katie showed more concern and put up more of a fight for her brother to be put back in school, but did not do the same for Francie. Her mother claimed that she did not find purpose in doing so, because she knew Francie would find a way to go back to school no matter the circumstances. This is significant to the novel because her mother’s response reflects the self-motivation that has always lived within
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