Character Analysis: Alicia From The House On Mango Street

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Yes, absolutely. Also, I think adults are the general guidance for a child’s moral development. In “to kill a mockingbird”, Miss Maudie and Atticus are great role models for the children. For example, when Jem and Scout are discussing about Boo Radley, Miss Maudie tells them to never base someone on outside rumors and states that Boo always treated her nicely. Also, Atticus decides to defend a Negro which taught them about the division in their community and to follow what they believe is right. These lessons allow the children to fathom about the concepts of morals throughout the book. Comparatively, Alicia from The House on Mango Street is considered one of the most influential people in Esperanza’s life. Most of Esperanza’s friends such Sally and Marin, want to marry someone to have a better living for the rest of their lives. The presence of Alicia, a smart and hardworking first year university student who wants to attain a better life with her own hands without relying on anyone else, really inspires Esperanza to be an independent woman. “One day i will pack my bags of books and paper. One day I will say goodbye to Mango. I am too strong for her to keep me forever.” as Esperanza stated in the Chapter “Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes”. This quotations illustrates how Esperanza will leave Mango Street due to her years of hard work, strength in…show more content…
When she feels disheartened, she looks at the trees and observes how the trees are still growing despite of the obstructing concrete. This shows that Esperanza now realizes that she have to overcome her challenges and fears in order to develop and keep moving on which allows to view the world in a different or perhaps more mature and grown up
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