Character Analysis: An Enemy Among Them

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the Revolutionary Era and go into war? Such a story happens to Christian Holitor and Margaret Volpert in‍, An Enemy Among Them‍, by Deborah DeFord and Harry Stout‮‍. There are most likely other stories like this‍, but this one is different because Christian is a prisoner of war who goes to live with the Volperts‮‍. An Enemy Among Them takes place in Reading‍, Pennsylvania in December of 1776‮‍. It starts off on the British ship, Mermaid‍, but progresses into Reading‮. There are places where it is in a hospital‍, other towns‍, and in the battlefield‮‍. The main characters are Margaret Volpert and Christian Holiter‮‍. Margaret is a young German-American from Reading‍, Pennsylvania‮‍. She is very outgoing‍, she…show more content…
Margaret gets one of her father's friends‍, George Scheffer‍, asking if he could help her find Christian.‮ When they come close to finding Christian‍, George gets mad at Margaret for kicking his horse hard making her fall off‮‍. But as he was lecturing Margaret‍, Christian finds him and makes George go away‮‍. They soon come across British soldiers‮‍. He asks them to lead him to the general‍, but they couldn't understand what he was saying‮‍. The British make them go to the British prison‍, but Margaret escapes‮‍. When she finds her brother, Jacob‍, he helps them and they eventually go home.‮‍ Another part I like is where they first meet‮‍. Christian was in the hospital after he got badly wounded out in the battlefield‮‍. Margaret was helping the other hurt men‍, then she went over to help him‮‍. When Christian woke‍, other men where harassing how he was a Hessian soldier and how he does not belong there‮‍. She sticks up for him‍, then the men stopped pestering him‮. Once he gets better‍, Margaret's father offers Christian to stay at their home and work at his cobbler

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