Character Analysis: Andrew Jackson And Search For Vindication

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Justification “Andrew Jackson and search for Vindication” by James C. Curtis, presents the life of young Jackson and his traumatic ordeals that lead him to develop an unhealthy obsession for his deprived mentality of the term, justice. The author develops Jackson’s obsession through childhood experiences with the loss of family that is incredibly linked to violent battles. Curtis uses these traumas to emphasize Jackson’s character progression throughout the novel to better understand the complexity of Jackson’s paranoid views on the corruption of U.S. government and his selfish search for justice. His ardent desire for “justice” is nothing more than his selfish desire to be right in his reaction to the violence of war and the government itself. To begin, the author commences the novel with the chapter “Back Country Survival”, a title parallel to its contents. In this chapter, the author uses Jackson’s adolescence to explain his desire for justice, as he lost his family to the War of Independence. It emphasizes the part in which his mother “”left her feverish son in bed and set off for Charleston”(Curtis 9), where she of course, perished. This…show more content…
Overturn got rid of their exchanged letters, and no one knows of their true relationship. This leads to the speculation of their relationship as friends or a homosexual couple. Still, Jackson does get married to Rachel later on in the novel. Since Overturn burned their correspondence, he may have been victim of unrequited love. He may have also realized his letters to Jackson could have been a danger to Andrew Jackson’s status as a gentleman, if they were found or exposed to the public. Since homosexuality was not a gentleman’s sexual orientation. The author also mentions, Rachel and him never had children but would take in children. Jackson was most likely not attracted to Rachel in a sexual manner .Nonetheless, he did love
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