Character Analysis: Bad Boy Brawly Brown

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In the book Bad Boy Brawly Brown, one of the main characters names is Easy. Easy is someone who’s in his late twenty’s he lives a tough lifestyle which has made him even more powerful. This character has seen a lot throughout his childhood which is why he became a street boy making the wrong decisions hanging around the wrong crowd of people because that’s all he ever saw growing up in the streets with his older friends until things went left for Easy. The world views Easy as a powerful person but yet he’s known to be dangerous Easy stated that his reason for being a dangerous person is because you never know who’s out to get you this character has developed a reputation that has let people know that if you mess with him or the people who Easy calls his family you will regret it and because of that everyone that’s from the same town as Easy knows that Easy is not someone to play with if you cross the line with Easy it will cost you in the long run. When I first read Bad Boy Brawly Brown during school I identified with the character Easy because he is someone with a big heart just as much as I have a big heart Easy has learned that sometimes having a big heart can…show more content…
Easy does not trust many people because they have let him down so many times for an example Easy close friend was trying to set him up behind his back and from that day on Easy never trusted anyone again because he felt even those close to you will still stab you in your back Easy was trying to help a friend out to help find his son but Easy got pulled over by the cops that’s when Easy felt that his friend was trying to get him put in jail because he knew Easy was not supposed to be diving at the time. I can relate to Easy having trust issues because I’ve been let down in the past I’ve also had those I called my friends who in the long run has shown me there are not many people that you can truly call your
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