Character Analysis Billy Elliot

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In the film, Billy Elliot, directed by Stephen Daldry, set in County Durham, England during the miner’s strike in 1984, a character that I found thought provoking was Jackie Elliot. Jackie Elliot’s family (consisting of his youngest son, Billy, the main character of the film, and his oldest son, Tony, and his mother known as Grandma) is severely affected by the strike as both Jackie and Tony are miners who are on strike. Jackie is portrayed as a quick-tempered, narrow-minded and traditional father allowing us to wonder about his true traits. Later on in the film, we see Jackie’s more accepting side of Billy’s dream to do ballet. He is more trustful, optimistic and affectionate. These characteristics were brought about through the dilemma Jackie faced on what actions he should take regarding Billy’s dreams. Jackie is also thought provoking through his facade of a tough, manly exterior and yet, he is traumatised by the loss of his wife on the inside. It is this combination of characteristics with the fact that they all arose from Billy’s passion for dance that makes Jackie such a thought provoking character. In the very beginning of the film, Jackie’s tough-guy exterior as a miner resounds the fact that he holds very conservative and traditional male values. This is shown when Jackie gives his father’s boxing gloves to Billy to wear. Through the miner’s strike, fighting to retain their local collieries, and being overwhelmed and…show more content…
From being adamant that ballet is just for “girls” and wanting Billy to follow in his and his father’s footstep to be a boxer, Jackie's values and traditions, completely change as he witnesses what his son is capable of. Overall, Jackie is a character that grows the most; from an aggressive parent into a supportive
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