Character Analysis Black Widow From The Scavengers

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Black Widow from the Avengers: Age of Ultron is a very unique character that is meant to please both male and female viewers. Based on Richard Gray’s report on Superheroine, Black Widow is a perfect case that will be explained thoroughly in this paper, which will be based on her looks and image, her actions, and her character. Her looks and image are appealing, her actions are deemed sexy and smart, yet powerful enough, and her character who has very motherly features. Black Widow is based on the spider called black widow. Black widow spiders are known to be very distinctive with their looks, which include shiny black bodies with red marking on their abdomen. Just like the spiders, Black has the unique and sexy look by having shiny leather…show more content…
The character strong mentally, but rely on the father physically. Black Widow is portrayed as a mother by reuniting the Hulk with the team to fight when needed, who also always picks up after the boys, and doesn’t try to get into much drama into who’s the strongest when she is in the scene where she declines to try to remove Thor’s hammer. Like most superheroines, Black Widow always appears confident and capable, whereas deep down she is lost figuring out things that are not understandable. In the washroom scene with the Hulk, she looks lost just looking for the Hulk’s love, but still tries to show her confidence by stating that she could have actually entered the shower while he was in there. A black widow spider is known to be primarily solitary, so as much as Black Widow tries to fall in love, she will always be lost, simply because if anything were to happen, she will feed on the male after mating. Widows are married women whose husbands died and have remained unmarried. Looking at Black Widow, her “husband” who has supposedly died are her fallopian tubes, which are according to Black Widow, the one thing that might matter more than a mission. It is pretty evident how Black Widow’s character is relative to a mother, as a mother’s dream is to have…show more content…
All the attributes explained give Black Widow both the ass-kicking strength and strong sex appeal that Gary has stated is required for viewers to see. Because of how Black Widow dresses and how her image is portrayed, her strong physical attributed, and her innocent but lost character, this allows her to be classified as a superheroine based on Gary’s findings. Black widows are definitely something to be afraid of, so make sure Black Widow doesn’t lure you into her

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