Character Analysis: Bless Me Ultima

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The Life Antonio Beholds In the book, Bless Me Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya, the main character Antonio Marez, faces a challenge that no other child should. Antonio is surrounded by a large family that has many differences as to how he should live his life. On the Marez’s side of the family, he is to become a man free upon the llano and a vaquero. For his mother’s side, the Luna's believe he shall become a priest that is tied to the land. Antonio’s cultural identity revolves around his religion because it forces him to grow up, which causes him to view life in a different perspective.
Antonio was a child that had to experience death at a young age. Antonio has also maintained a close relationship with Ultima, who was seen as evil to some; for example, there is Tenorio who despises Ultima for cursing his daughter and forcing death upon her. Ultima was called names such as a “Bruja” which meant a witch or an evil human being. According to Antonio’s perspective of his religion and culture, Ultima did not commit a sin of immorality. Her doing was a blessing to the
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Of course, there is the main God, the one who is accompanied by Virgin Mary, as well as the Golden Carp. As his father, Gabriel informed him that Antonio’s opinion of, “Maybe I do not have to be just Marez or Luna, perhaps I can be both- (247),” was the most precise opinion in the moment. So the choice of this young child was to believe in the Golden Carp. This Golden Carp would not only end the ongoing conflict of the two families, but it would eventually guide Antonio to the life that he chose. It would soothe the conflict by combining the three concepts of religion that arose. He shall, “take the llano and the river valley, the moon and the sea, God and the golden carp and make something new (247).” This new found religion was able to differentiate conflicts and make Antonio’s life
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