Character Analysis: Blue Winds Dancing

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The main character in “Blue Winds Dancing” is a Native American boy who is no longer with his tribe. He has been sent to be civilized and educated by the white man. His home with the tribe was so free and he cannot conform to this industrialized, restricted lifestyle. He has come from a majority setting to a minority one, and he is having a hard time accepting the insults that come with this change of position. Isolated without his family, he wants to be part of nature once again. He is contemplating leaving and going back to the life he knows. It is too difficult to deal with this confusing, restricting, and insulting lifestyle. I have never had drastic changes from one extreme to another as this young man has, but I came to a compromise for the sake of a relationship with my family and it took a long journey to discover this.
This young man cannot understand why the people he has come to know, cannot be happy with their lives. The people, in this new place, where judgmental and did not seem to understand the meaning of
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Go back to the love of his tribe; go back to nature. No matter what they thought of him here, he just wanted the life he had before. He could not come to a compromise with this new conformity. He could no longer take the life of these people. The people who always wanted more and kept track of every second that passed by. He could not handle the insults and judgments anymore; it was time to be happy once again. To be with people who appreciated one another and the world they live in. I left my family for a few years to gain clarity and understanding; I also had a good bit of self-growth in this absence. This journey helped me to understand that even though I did not agree with the lifestyles or choices, I could still be friendly with my family members. I believe this distance that the character of “Blue Winds Dancing” and I, put between ourselves and our homes helped us to realize what home really

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