Character Analysis: Bullets Over Broadway

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1. Who is the actual director of the play in Bullets Over Broadway? The initial playwriter is David Shane, who has already wrote two other plays wich were failures. This new play is supposed to be a great success, because of his decision to not let anyone interfere in his script. Obviously it does not work out. Firstly the script is being changed by the aging diva Helen Sinclair, who wants her role to have more influence, character and screentime and slowly manipulates Shane by seduction. Eventually the script is majorly changed by the Olive 's bodyguard, Cheech, who claims that the play is rubbish. He turns out to be quite apt at playwriting and the final script is something else than what it started. There is no final director, because the script underwent so many changes that the original notes almost do not exist, and the major changes that Cheech introduced become almost a new script. It does not prevent Shane from claiming the success. 2. Why does the play finally succeed?…show more content…
Starting with the fact that the play is a third in a row of David Shane 's works. Then the inclination of the producer, Julian Marx who finds a wealthy gangster Nick as a investor in exchange of his gilrfriend (Olivia) playing the main role. Finally, the most important cause of the play succeding are the changes introduced to the script by Olivia 's bodyguard, who turns out to be incredibly talented in writing. In the end the thing that Shane was so hotly arguing against at the beggining, the interference of others in the script, turns out to be its saving grace. David Shane is not only a failure of a director, but also a failure inpersonal life, he neglects his wife while working on the play. The success of the play lies in others creating it, so its success becomes the director 's
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