Character Analysis in 'Chains' by Laurie Halse Anderson

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Chains Character Essay How is it that an entire society can envision their future in freedom when one girl can’t? Chains, Laurie Halse Anderson’s award winning book is a compelling historical fiction story that will show instead of tell you the tear jerking truth about slavery, whilst keeping you at the edge of your seat wanting to continue on your literary journey with every page awaiting your arrival. Because she’s gullible, and superstitious Isabel’s negative characteristics are obstacles in the path of her finding her freedom. Despite these flaws her resilience is able to help her win against slavery. Isabel is gullible. The first example shown is at the start of the story where slave sisters Isabel and Ruth are at the funeral of their former master, Miss Mary Finch. Miss Finch was good to the girls, she treated them well, was kind and caring, and most important of all taught them how to read and write, which slave were not allowed to learn how to do. Her will stated that when she died the girls would be free without an owner. In this scene they are asking the Pastor where they would be able to find a place to sleep. However, when Finch’s cunning, and greedy for gold nephew Robert Finch tells them that they are on the road for Newport to start a new life. “Pardon me, sir,” I said. “May I ask you something?” He set his hat in his head. “Certainly, Isabel.” I held Ruth’s hand tighter. “Where do you think we should go?” “What do you mean child?” “I know I’ll find work,
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