Chris Mccandless Callarman Argument Analysis

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Callarman’s argument is that Chris McCandless made a lot of mistakes because he was arrogant and that he had no business going into Alaska with his Romantic silliness and he says that he was just crazy. I disagree with Callarman’s argument because I think that Chris McCandless (Alexander Supertramp) was not arrogant I think that he just wanted to learn new things. I also disagree because I think that Chris did have a reason to go to Alaska or else he would not have done it even if it just to go because he likes nature, and I don’t think that he was crazy at the beginning but I agree that he did start to get crazy when he was stuck in the wild on the bus. I don’t think that Chris is arrogant I think that he is just a guy who wants to learn new things about nature and just the world in general. In the movie Chris McCandless had a thought in his head since he started that he wanted to go to Alaska and he could have gone long before he actually went because he had everything and then just donated his money to a charity called OXFAM and left his car and everything else to be hitchhiking and he went and he was living his life how he wanted like this quote that Chris McCandless/ Alexander…show more content…
I think that Chris had a reason to go to Alaska even if it was only a thing that he wanted to do.The final thing that makes me disagree with Callerman’s argument is that he says that McCandless is crazy and I disagree because he was not crazy at all but I do agree because when he was stuck in the wild he was getting crazy because he was alone and he noticed that he couldn’t leave. These are the reasons why I disagree with Callerman’s argument that McCandless is arrogant, and that he had no reason to go to Alaska, and that Chris McCandless is
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