Why Is Cinderella Important

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1. The opening scene of a fairytale is very important because it shows what the problem is of the story which will go on to be solved. It is particularly important in Cinderella because the problem in the story is the death of Cinderella 's mother. Cinderella has to overcome this problem throughout the story.
2. According to Panttaja, Cinderella 's mother remains very much present throughout the story in the form of the pear tree planted by Cinderella on her mother 's grave. All through the story, the presence of her mother is felt because anything that Cinderella does is done with the help of the pear tree. Her mother helps her through the hard and good times. She even takes care of Cinderella 's enemies: the stepsisters.
3. Cinderella 's mother is similar to the stepmother in the fact that both mothers only want the best for their daughter. They will even resort to extreme measures to ensure a future of power and prestige for their daughters.
4. Some of the contradictions suggesting that Cinderella and her
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According to Panttaja, there is no evidence to suggest that the prince loved Cinderella or that she loved him. In the story, Cinderella is described as deformed, and with the magic of Cinderella 's mother, the clothes that Cinderella attends the ball in are magical and therefore cause the prince to see a beautiful woman. The personal qualities of Cinderella are most important and those are her looks, because before her mother 's magic, she was seen as deformed and not beautiful; so without the mother 's help, the prince would not have been interested in Cinderella.
6. The purpose of disguise or enchantment in fairy tales is so someone can enter into a marriage that they wouldn 't normally enter into, usually with someone who is included in a different social class. Cinderella was of a completely different social class than the prince, but with disguise and enchantment, she won over the prince with her beauty, and he did not even know the girl she was
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