Crispin The Cross Of Lead Essay

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Crispin’s knowledge

Intro: Crispin the Cross of Lead, is a historical fiction novel by Avi. It takes place in medieval England and follows a 13-year-old boy named Crispin trying to escape being punished for a crime he did not do. During his journey, Crispin meets many new people and goes to many new places. Crispin is a dynamic character whose knowledge greatly increases as he embarks on his journey.

Beginning Evidence: At the beginning of the novel, Crispin is naive. He knows nothing of life away from Stromford and doesn’t know how to interact with the entirely new world around him. A conversation between Bear and Crispin shows Crispin’s knowledge. This happens when Crispin has become Bear’s servent and are asking questions about each other.
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‘I’m bound to the land. They’ll never give me permission to go.’”

This comment by Crispin shows how although he his is in life-threatening danger, he thinks he should still serve the higher authority. He is going to be killed, and yet he still thinks it is necessary to ask for permission.

Middle Evidence: During the middle of the book, Bear teaches Crispin to be independent and to have fun. Crispin is praying and Bear criticises and questions him why he is praying with his cross.

“He cut me off. ‘I know what it is. It 's made of lead, Made in countless numbers during the Great Death. Never blessed, they were given to the dying as false comfort. They 're as common as the leaves and just as sacred.

'Crispin, as Jesus is my witness, churches, priests – they’re all unneeded. The only cross you need is the one in your heart. '”

Bear teaches Crispin to not be so dependent on the cross. The cross will not bring him protection, all he needs is the purity of his heart. Another example shows how Crispin learns to have fun and enjoy life. Bear is currently trying to teach Crispin to play the recorder.

“Gradually I found my way with tongue, fingers, and breath. Before the day was half done, I managed to pipe out his simple
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